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Transform Your Garden and Home

Four Ways to Make Sure that Your Blinds are Child Safe

Christy Rivera

When it comes to making the home safe for toddlers, parents think about the furniture, stairs, door and windows. Many people don't stop to think that their blinds can also pose a hazard to their crawling or walking children. If your curtains and blinds have cords and chains hanging from them, the little ones can tag and play with them and end up getting strangled by the cords in the process. Here you will learn some measures that you can take to ensure that your blinds are child safe.

Go for motorized blinds

Electric or motorized blinds are a great alternative to the traditional blinds ones for several reasons. Not only are they convenient and easy to use, but they are also safe for young children. They are operated using a remote control or an electric device that's on the wall next to the window and out of the reach of your kids. Automation eliminates cords, chains and ties, which pose the greatest risk of accidents in children as they play around with them.

Install chain-break connectors

What if you already have traditional blinds and are not planning to purchase new ones? In this case, you can make your existing blinds child safe by installing chain-break connectors. These break apart when a specified amount of pressure is applied to the operating chain. This means that if your child tries to tag at the cord, it will break away from the control chain and avert an accident. Once it breaks, you can easily reconnect it again. Make sure that the chain-break connectors you buy match the size and design of your chains.

Fit cleats for the blinds

Cleats are used to hold the chains and cords to prevent them from hanging from the blinds where the children can access them. When installing the cleats, fit them on the adjacent wall and out of the reach of children. Mount the cleats at a reasonable height so that you don't have to worry about moving it when your baby begins to walk. The cord or chain should be properly secured to the cleat after operating the blind so that it's not left dangling for the child to play with.

Reposition your furniture

You can also move furniture in the sitting room or bedroom to prevent your child from accessing the cords. Move all furniture away from the curtains and blinds if possible. This will keep the chains and cords out of their reach. It will also prevent them from playing around with the cleats, chain-break connectors and other safety devices that you may have installed for your blinds.


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