Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

Throw Some Shade in Your Backyard with a Pergola

Christy Rivera

Essentially, pergolas are structures primarily used to cover walkways and pathways as an arch that adds kerb appeal to the garden. Nevertheless, over time, the lattice design of the pergolas coupled with the framework has made these structures become a staple for people looking to create an outdoor living area, albeit at a small scale. However, erecting a pergola is not simply about hiring pergola builders and having them construct the framework for you. There are some things that you should contemplate if you would like to throw shade in your backyard (in a good way of course). Read on to learn what would be the essential considerations for pergola construction.

Consider the style and the materials

One of the reasons why pergolas are a sought-after addition for many Australian backyards is their inherent architectural ambiguity. When constructing a pergola, you are not limited to sticking to one uniform design. Instead, you can let your creativity run wild and come up with something that would be uniquely suited to your property. Many people assume that pergolas have to be constructed from wood. In reality, you can veer away from this traditional material and opt for contemporary options such as wrought iron or stainless steel. Another assumption that people have is that pergolas have to be rectangular. The truth is that triangular and even circular pergolas are becoming trends, so you have the creative freedom of stylizing your pergola as individually as you would like.

Consider the sun filtration

Typically, pergolas are structured to let in the maximum amount of light for your al-fresco living. However, Australian summers can tend to become blistering hot. Thus, you may want to incorporate some elements that would filter out the radiant heat, while still allowing light to filter into your pergola. A trend that is catching on is the fitting of solar panels as roofing for the pergola. The solar panels allow for light filtration and provide you with green energy if you would like to power some electrical appliances inside your shelter. You could also consider growing vines and other climbing plants on the roof of your pergola to limit the amount of direct sun that you are exposed to.

Consider the accessories

Once you are satisfied with the structural design of your pergola, you should consider accessories that would enhance its comfort factor. A good place to start would be with lighting, which would let you enjoy the space even as the sun sets. Fairy lights not only provide you with sufficient illumination but also add an ethereal touch to the pergola. If you live on the coast or if your location is prone to high winds, retractable pull-down awnings would also be great as windbreakers.


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