Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

The Traditional Love Affair for The Modern Windows: Ways to Use Café Curtains

Christy Rivera

More casual than full-length curtains, café curtains were originally hung in European cafes to screen diners from passersby. These abbreviated window treatments used to be everywhere, especially in bathroom and kitchen windows.

Fortunately, café curtains are inching back into radar, and they are more modern than ever. You can spot these curtains in contemporary living areas where they provide a note of softness without the volume that comes with full draperies.

These versatile window treatments cleverly cover only part of your windows, to offer privacy without obscuring light and views.  Are they for you? Here are creative ways of using café curtains in a modern home without limiting yourself to the kitchen windows.

Breakfast areas

Custom café curtains make a breakfast area both cosy and inviting.  They provide the right amount of privacy while allowing tons of light into your space.

In the bathroom

No room in your house is more in need of both light and privacy than a bathroom. Café curtains are perennially a popular bathroom window treatment and for a good reason.  They offer privacy and natural light control. These dainty and sweet window treatments blur the view into your bathroom, giving you modest privacy while your view remains intact. Café curtains are ideal for second story bathrooms or bathroom windows that face away from the street or your neighbour's prying eyes.

In a home office

A home office requires plenty of light to work by while still cutting the glare that makes it hard to see your computer screen. Since café curtains feature lighter fabrics and colours, they make a great choice for a home office window treatment.  

In a bedroom

If you are an early riser, café curtains will allow plenty of light in the morning while still adding a unique style to your bedroom window. You can use a voile fabric in a pretty print to coordinate with your bedroom scheme. Other than bedroom windows, you can use café curtains on your little ones' bunkbeds to add a fun twist and to help them sleep tight.

In a living room  

Ever wondered how to decorate those windows behind your sofa? Café curtains make a great treatment for such windows since they are low maintenance, and you don't have to open them every morning to allow light in or close them every night for privacy.

In a window seat

The small imprint of café curtains adds to the cosiness of a small nook or a window seat while still allowing tons of light and a great view.


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