Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

Quick Tips for Deciding on the Right Gutters for Your Home

Christy Rivera

Your home's gutters are very important for the home's overall condition; gutters keep rainwater away from the home's outer walls and foundation, reducing the risk of water damage and eventual leaks. The downspouts connected to your home's gutters also direct water away from your property's lawn, so your yard is less likely to flood. When your home needs new gutters, note a few tips that will help you determine the right type and style to choose, so you can discuss your options with a roofer or guttering expert.


Vinyl gutters are very lightweight and quick to install; they're also very affordable, and may be available in a kit form, so that you can install them yourself with a few tools and a bit of knowhow. However, they may seem a bit bland and boring, and may not do much to add style to your home. Your choices of vinyl sizes and types of gutters may also be limited.

Steel is a more expensive option for guttering, but steel is stronger against heavy debris that land in the gutter, and the steel may also provide a nice contrast to your home's brick or other exterior materials. Aluminium gutters are also lightweight and they can be powder coated a number of colours to match your home's exterior, but may not be as strong as steel against heavy debris that may collect in the gutters and which then pull the gutters away from the roof.


Gutters actually come in different styles, for a variety of looks. Box gutters fit right under the roof eaves and create a seamless look, making the gutters much less noticeable. Fascia guttering is just the opposite; this guttering has a decorative and visible front edge, so that the gutters look like an accessory or decorative piece to the home. You might also choose very oversized metal gutters if you want a rustic look to the home's exterior.

Type and shape

If your home's gutters often get full of leaves and other debris, choose a rounded or half-rounded shape, as this discourages leaves, twigs, and other items from settling into the bottom of the gutters. Gutters with overflow slots are good for areas with heavy rainfall, as those overflow areas will help to control where water might spill out from the gutters, if they become too full during a storm. Your roofer can note the best type and shape for your home, depending on the average rainfall and problems you've had with your home's gutters in the past.

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