Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

3 Considerations to Ensure Safe Interstate Transportation of Your Belongings

Christy Rivera

If you've decided to move interstate to pursue a new job opportunity or start a whole new chapter of your life, chances are you're going to take some of your things with you to your new home. Making sure you work with a good interstate removalist is important because you don't want to end up with damaged belongings at your destination. Here are some considerations to help you ensure safe interstate transportation of your belongings:

Packing & Transporting Household Items

When it comes to household items, you'll want to check with the removalist about the processes they follow for packing and transportation if you intend to leave all the tasks up to them. For example, some removalists have a set standard they follow for different items including beds, sofas, television units, televisions and dining tables to ensure they do not get scratched and damaged during the packing, loading and unloading process. Check with the removalist about the processes they follow so that you can feel confident leaving the job to them. If the removalist doesn't have a process or standard, then it's time to be wary.

Focus on Handling Fragile Items

Fragile items require special attention and cannot be packed with the same standards and processes as your other more regular household items because they can break easily. Sometimes these fragile items are pricey, so you'll want to check that the removalist has a focus on handling them. For example, a crystal lamp will need extra attention and care with more cushioned packing and strategic placement within the moving truck. Some removalists will have a designated area within the truck for fragile items to protect them from any damage. Make sure they have a process for fragile items so they are well protected during the move.

Providing Insurance for Items Protection

No matter how careful you or your removalist is, accidents can happen. A road accident or a natural disaster are beyond everyone's control and can end up damaging your household belongings. But a removalist with proper insurance will ensure that you get compensated if something goes wrong. This is why it is important to work with a licensed removalist and not a fly-by-night operator who may disappear when these mishaps take place – leaving you with damaged goods and no compensation.

Moving from one state to another is exciting, but it is also daunting. Let these considerations help you plan well with a interstate removal service.


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