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Transform Your Garden and Home

Selecting The Material For Your Kitchen Benchtop

Christy Rivera

Benchtops are a highly visible element in a kitchen, covering a vast amount of area. So when renovating, you need to choose a material that flatters the space. But the surface also needs to be practical and able to cope with everyday cooking. Sourcing your counter from a kitchen wholesale outlet will lessen costs and provide you with more options. Here are some tips on three materials for kitchen benchtops.


For warmth and rustic charm, timber is an excellent option, with its earthy tones and textures. Go with the creamy Tasmanian oak, reddish Jarrah or another native tree. Imported timbers provide even more colours and textures. 

While wood can dent and scratch with use, you can sand back the top layer to reveal a pristine surface underneath. However, some consider a weathered patina to imbue extra character to a counter. In any case, regular resealing is a must with wood. Bamboo benchtops give the same feel as timber, but this fast-growing plant provides a more renewable option.

Natural Stone

Natural stone benchtops also bring the beauty of nature into your kitchen. Rock shows off a vast array of colours, including cream, blue, green, black, brown and fawn. The variety is almost endless across all the different types of stone, such as marble, granite, travertine and sandstone. 

Marble adds a distinctive translucent quality with distinctive veining, while travertine and sandstone bring a luxurious, classic feel with pure buffs and pinks. Granite is denser and less porous than some other stones; however, you will need to protect all varieties by sealing the counter surface. 

If you're partially renovating your kitchen by replacing the benchtop and not the cabinetry, make sure the existing structure can carry the weight of natural stone, which is a relatively heavy material. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel may not have the grains, veins and texture of timber and rock, but it does introduce a beautiful sheen into the kitchen. This shine adds light and sparkle, so a stainless steel benchtop doesn't feel heavy and dull. Its uniform surface looks clean, fresh and minimalist. You can also design the benchtop with welded in sinks for an extra seamless look. While these counters can scratch, you can buff out the minor ones. Bear in mind also, that marks and fingerprints can stand out so you'll need to take care with cleaning. If you want to create an industrial or modern kitchen, stainless steel benchtops are the perfect choice, though you can also incorporate them in other types of decors.


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