Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

3 Reasons You May Opt to Install a Solar Carport Instead of a Garage

Christy Rivera

Carports have gained immense popularity in the photovoltaic market because of their versatility, and many people have embraced them today. If you have limited shading or parking lot in your property, installing a solar port can be a brilliant idea. Solar carports don't just help create parking space, but they also help conserve energy in a big way. However, how you design the solar carport determines how efficient it will be. The span options for most solar carports range from double, single to large. Here's why a solar carport is far much better than a garage:

You Can Customise It

Most solar carports are flexible, making it easier for a homeowner to customise them based on their needs. When customising a solar carport, the colour, size, shape and angle don't hinder it in any way. But before you think of how the solar carport will be customised, check if the installation angles can allow maximum exposure to sunlight. How fast the solar carport adapts to your needs depends on its colour options, style and the space it takes up. With a modern solar carport, you can still integrate the car's electric charging port.

Maintaining a Solar Carport Is Easy

Maintenance is a common fear among many people when installing a carport. However, this might not be a big issue because most solar carports withstand harsh weather, and they don't need to be inspected or serviced often. A well-installed solar carport will channel the snow and rainwater away from your car, making it much easier to keep your parking lot clean and in good shape. Most solar carports also reduce the amount of ice settling on the parking lot, and this makes navigation easier and safer. If you notice a problem with the solar panels, you can easily access them and inspect them to know how the problem should be fixed.

Makes the Available Space More Efficient

Many people want to have a carport in their home, but space limits them. If the space in your home is limited, installing a solar carport is a great idea because it uses a canopy system and doesn't need additional space. You can install it on the existing parking lot to use the available space more efficiently. Solar carports come in different sizes, and they are versatile enough to fit in any space.

Besides considering the cost of the solar carport, find out if it has a warranty. Since installing a solar carport might be tricky for you, get an expert to install it properly to avoid unnecessary hitches. Solar carports aren't just popular in many homes today, but also in the boat storage facilities, truck bays and solar farms.

For more information on carports, reach out to a local carport installer.


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