Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

Reasons To Consider Hardwood Flooring For Your New Home

Christy Rivera

Because the flooring covers such a large room area, whatever material you cover it with, will impact the overall design. Hardwood planks are one possibility — consider the following reasons to select this as your flooring option.

Warm Ambience  

In a home, the flooring needs to provide a sense of warmth and comfort so that you relax and unwind in a calming environment. No other material evokes the same natural warmth as timber. Factory-made materials, like laminate, don't have an organic feeling, and other natural substances such as stone, are harder and colder. Timber planks bring the tranquillity of nature indoors.   

Colour And Pattern Options  

Flooring needs to harmonise with wall hues, furniture and other room objects. Trees come in many species, each with their characteristic wood grains and shades. And this variety will be reflected in the available planks that will include pale tans, deep browns and reddish hues. If you have other wooden furniture pieces in the decor, you'll be able to match the timber tones, be they cool or warm. You can also decorate timber floorboards with colourful rugs, which you can change when you want a new look.  

Easy Maintenance  

When selecting your flooring material, you need to think beyond its beauty and consider how much work it will take to maintain day-to-day. With hardwood flooring, all you'll need is to vacuum, sweep or mop the surface to keep it hygienic and fresh. Cleaning floorboards is much easier than vacuuming carpet because timber doesn't have fibres — the vacuum runs smoothly over wood with less traction. Plus, planks feel fresher as they don't have threads that trap grime. Floorboards also don't have the grout of tiled floors that can get grubby and require scrubbing.   

Moisture And Humidity Considerations  

It's crucial to follow finish recommendations with timber planks, which tend to shrink and swell with humidity and temperature changes. Particularly in rooms such as kitchens, puddles of water left to pool can damage and rot the wood. One extremely tough protective finish is polyurethane which will help your floor to maintain a barrier against moisture. However, take care to wipe spills promptly regardless. 

Thus timber flooring will add a rustic timelessness to your home, providing you with diverse shades to choose from that come from a variety of hardwoods. Floorboards are easy to clean, but take care to not let liquid pool on the floor without prompt attention.

To learn more about timber flooring, reach out to a local timber supplier.


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