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Transform Your Garden and Home

3 Reasons To Buy An Aussie Made Lounge Suite

Christy Rivera

Home renovations are a popular pastime for many Australian homeowners. It's a great way to modernise your home with a fresh new look and also a great way to increase the value of your property. For many people, the living room is a great starting point because it's generally one of the largest and most frequently used rooms of the home.

An important part of renovating a living room is choosing the right lounge suite. It's the main feature of the living room and generally sets the tone for the rest of the room and any accessories you may want to add. There is an enormous range of colours, styles and fabrics available to choose from to create the perfect look for your new living room. As well as aesthetics, another thing to consider when choosing a new lounge suite is where it is manufactured. Many furniture stores in Australia sell imported lounges that are made in China or other countries, but there is an increasing trend for Australian-made lounge suites. Here are three reasons why an Aussie-made lounge might be the best choice for your home.

1. They're better quality

While it's certainly possible to find good quality lounges that have been manufactured overseas, you can't beat Aussie-made lounges for top-quality workmanship and materials. Strict manufacturing rules in Australia means that you can be confident that your new lounge will be sturdy, well-crafted and durable.

The quality of the individual components of the lounge suite is also important to consider. The timber and steel used to construct the frame and the fabric and foam for the seating and arms of an Aussie-made lounge will invariably be high quality. The same certainty can't be guaranteed for important lounges.

2. They support the local economy

When you buy an Australian-made lounge, you're also helping to support the local economy. Instead of sending the profits off to overseas-based companies, buying Aussie-made will ensure that local businesses, manufacturers and employees are benefitting from your purchase. This extends to the primary producers of the timber, steel and fabrics used to construct your lounge.

3. They have superior warranties and after-sales care

When you buy an Aussie-made lounge, you're also buying peace of mind that if there are any problems, they'll be dealt with swiftly. Australian-made furniture comes with a mandatory warranty period which means that if anything needs repairing or replacing, it can be done locally and isn't reliant on being returned to its country of origin.

This is extra important at present due to the difficulties that Covid-19 has created on global import and export markets. Most Aussie manufactures will also include fabric care products with your lounge, such as leather cleaners and conditioners and fabric protectants, which may not occur with overseas products. Look for Aussie-made lounges in a store near you.


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