Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

Two changes to make to your house if you're now running your business from home

Christy Rivera

Here are two changes you may have to make to your house if you've begun to run any type of enterprise from your home.

Replace the door to your home office or studio with a security door

It might be a good idea to replace the door that leads to your home office or studio with a security door. As your business gets bigger and becomes more widely known, the risk of criminals targeting it will also grow. Whilst commercial spaces tend to have security doors put in place when the buildings are constructed, residential homes rarely come with these features as standard.

If you don't put a security door in place of the standard one that currently leads to your at-home workspace and as a result of this, this part of your property is burglarised, your business could suffer tremendously. For example, if you're an accountant and have the sensitive financial information of dozens of clients on a computer in this room and it gets stolen, your accountancy business could go under. Likewise, if you're an artist and produce commissioned paintings that take months to make, having your art stolen could be a huge setback for your creative enterprise.

Putting a security door at the entrance to your home office or studio would mean that if a burglar enters your home, this area, which contains items that are essential for the running of your business and for the sustainment of your income, will be virtually off-limits to them, as a security door is almost impossible for a run-of-the-mill thief, who doesn't have power tools, to get through.

Change the décor of your home office or studio so that it differs from the other parts of the property

It might be worth changing the décor of your new home office or studio in a way that makes it look noticeably different from the other parts of your house. For example, if the other internal doors in your home are all solid white wood, you could opt for a steel or mahogany security door for your workspace.

If you run a business from home and you don't try to visually distinguish your home space from your (at-home) work area, you may develop some unhealthy work habits, such as wandering into your workspace after business hours and finding yourself working into the early hours of the morning or allowing household clutter, like baskets of laundry and your children's toys, to accumulate in your workspace and make it disorganised.

Making your studio or office look different from the other areas of the house, by putting in a security door that differs from the other internal doors, could also deter any thieves who gain entry to your home, as if for example, the door is made out of thick steel, it will be immediately apparent to any thief that it will be too hard for them to breakthrough.

Look into security doors to find some you like. 


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