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Transform Your Garden and Home

Top Signs Vertical Blinds Might Be the Right Choice for Your Windows

Christy Rivera

When you start looking into the different residential window coverings that are available, you might start to feel a little bit overwhelmed. You might have come across horizontal blinds, shades, and many other window coverings, and you might be unsure of which ones you should install. You might have even found vertical blinds, and you could be wondering if they are a good choice. After all, since vertical blinds for windows aren't as popular as some window coverings, you might not be used to using them. They might be right for the windows in your home if any of these things are true.

You Have Pets

If you have pets, they might actually be the reason why you are looking to purchase new window coverings in the first place. As you might have learned as a pet owner, dogs and cats often like to look out the window during the day. This can lead to them moving blinds out of the way. With horizontal blinds, it's easy for pets to cause damage when doing this. Vertical blinds move out of the way more easily when nosy pets are trying to look outside, though, so you may find that your vertical blinds will hold up better in your pet-friendly household.

You Want Easy-to-Clean Window Coverings

Keeping your window coverings clean is important for aesthetic purposes, and it makes a difference in indoor air quality, too. Some window coverings are more difficult and time-consuming to clean than others, but you might find that vertical blinds that are made from vinyl or wood can be cleaned a lot more quickly and easily than window coverings that you've had in the past.

You Have Kids

If you have kids, you might be worried about them being hurt with horizontal blinds. Many people find that vertical blinds are a safer choice when you have children in the house, and this is even more true if you look for child-safe, cordless vertical blinds when you're shopping.

You Have Small Rooms in Your Home

If you are looking for ideal window coverings for some of the smaller rooms in your home, or if you have a small home in general, then you should explore vertical blinds. Because of the fact that they use vertical slats, they encourage the eye to move up and down. This helps you make your ceilings seem higher and helps make your rooms look bigger and more spacious. You might find that vertical blinds are ideal for the smaller rooms in your home, or you may like them for every room in your home if it's a smaller house.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for vertical blinds.


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