Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

  • Three Things to Do If You're Worried You Have a Cockroach Infestation

    Having an infestation of cockroaches in your home, or even just a few roaches, can be really upsetting and worrying. This article explains three things you should do if you start to suspect you have cockroaches or are worried about them for any reason. Look Out for the Tell-tale Signs You may have seen a living roach, or perhaps you're simply worried that you might have a cockroach problem. Whatever the case, spend some time looking around your home for the tell-tale signs of cockroaches.

  • Four Reasons To Hire A Florist For Your Wedding Day

    Floral arrangements are a big part of the wedding day, and choosing a florist who is experienced and professional is essential to ensure your flowers will be beautiful and stay fresh. Here are four reasons why you should hire a florist for your wedding: 1. A Florist Knows What They're Doing Hiring a professional florist can save you time and money in the long run. A professional knows how to handle wedding flowers better than you do because they handle them every day.

  • Top Signs Vertical Blinds Might Be the Right Choice for Your Windows

    When you start looking into the different residential window coverings that are available, you might start to feel a little bit overwhelmed. You might have come across horizontal blinds, shades, and many other window coverings, and you might be unsure of which ones you should install. You might have even found vertical blinds, and you could be wondering if they are a good choice. After all, since vertical blinds for windows aren't as popular as some window coverings, you might not be used to using them.

  • Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger During a Remodel

    It's hard to relax in a bathroom that feels crowded and cramped. However, regardless of the actual proportions of your area, you can renovate it to give a sense of space and comfort. Here are several tips you could implement during a bathroom remodelling project.   Storage   A vanity countertop covered with cosmetics, brushes and hairdryers is bound to look cluttered. This impression is the last thing you should aim for when making a bathroom look larger.

  • Good Reasons For Homeowners To Rent Self-Storage Units

    There are self-storage units available all over Australia, these days. Many of them are situated at convenient locations on the edge of a big town or city which makes accessing them easy. Although many people associate self-storage facilities with business storage needs, they are perfectly suited to personal use, too. If you don't have sufficient personal storage space at home, then renting a unit for a while will offer numerous benefits.

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