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Transform Your Garden and Home

Free Carpet Cleaning Extras for Your Reception Area

Christy Rivera

The reception area of your business needs to be spotless because it is the face of your business. Since the reception is a high traffic zone, the frequency of cleaning the carpet in that area will be high. This is due to the different types and amounts of dirt that accumulate over time. As a result, carpets in high traffic areas need professional and regular cleaning to keep them free of dirt and microbes. That being said, aside from the usual cleaning services offered by carpet cleaning agencies, you should take advantage of any extra services provided by some firms at no additional cost. This article highlights some of these add-on.

Pre-treatment — While it is possible to get good results without the pre-treatment process in wet cleaning, spraying a cleaning agent on the carpet a few minutes before cleaning will yield excellent results. Chemicals in the pre-cleaning agent help dissolve grease and oil, thereby making them easy to extract during the cleaning process.  

Anti-microbial Treatment — It is worth noting that the basic carpet cleaning process will kill most microbes such as yeast, mold, and mildew. However, this process is not capable of completely killing all microbes. An anti-microbial treatment is the only sure way to ensure that you kill all microbes. Chemical agents used in this process create a harsh environment for the survival of microbes. As such, anti-microbial treatment prevents microbes from reproducing and eventually spreading, which causes bad odors.

Deodorizing — Once the cleaning process is done, you can leave the carpet out to dry normally. However, while your cleaner will do everything to remove the smell of cleaning agents from your carpet, the process of odor removal can be sped up by using carpet deodorants. Carpet deodorants have a stronger and more pleasant smell than cleaning agents. While deodorizing a carpet has a temporary effect, you should go for carpet deodorants that last a little bit longer.

Soil Retardants — Most carpet manufacturing companies make them with a special coating that prevents quick absorption of water spills and settling of soil. However, after several washes, your carpet loses this protective coating. Applying soil retardants after the cleaning process will restore the protective coating, enabling you to wipe off water spills before they get absorbed. Additionally, applying soil retardants allows dirt to settle on top of the carpet, thereby making vacuuming easier. It is important to note that applying soil retardant does not eliminate the need to clean your carpet regularly. It just prevents stains from becoming permanent.


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