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Should You Have a Keyed Lock as a Backup to a Smart Lock?

Christy Rivera

Smart locks are very popular, and chances are the models you see will have hidden keyholes for use if you can't use the keypad for whatever reason. Maybe you hurt the finger whose fingerprint will open the lock, and the lock isn't recognizing the current fingerprint with the injury. But more models now don't have any key option, and while those can work, they do have some issues you need to address now.

For Those Without Smartphones and Who Hate Keypads

If you have someone in the house who hates using smartphones and who hates dealing with keypads, a keyless smart lock is going to be the subject of so many arguments. This is a time when you really need to compromise and get a smart lock with a keyed lock option that can bypass the smart portion. Don't try to force someone to use a PIN instead of a key because that's not going to help the household remain harmonious.

For When the Power Is Out

Most smart locks have backup keyholes, but if you're considering getting one that does not, think about how you'll get in should the power go off for a long time. Eventually, the battery backup in the lock will die, and you'll either have to call a locksmith to get in or just wait for power to be restored. If you have a backup keyhole, then there's no issue getting in.

For Annoying Intruders

Smart locks that use fingerprints or phones can frustrate intruders who are trying to get into your home without resorting to breaking down the door. That being said, any smart lock can be hacked if the intruder knows enough about how the locks work. And locks that use a key code aren't completely safe because someone can observe your code from a distance, using a phone camera to catch the keypad pattern. One way to thwart someone trying to get past your smart lock is to have a key lock in addition to the smart lock, even if the smart lock has a backup keyhole to bypass the electronic portion. Yes, those can be picked, but they delay the intruder if the intruder happens to hack through the other locks.

Smart locks definitely have benefits, especially if you have multiple people living in the home or have a tendency to lose keys. But there are so many versions of smart locks that you need to think about exactly what you want and why, and security should be one of the first things you think about

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