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Stainless Steel Sinks: 4 Things to Observe When Visiting Kitchen Showrooms

Christy Rivera

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the huge variety of kitchen sinks in a kitchen showroom? Read on and discover some of the things you should pay attention to so that you can select the best stainless steel sinks in a kitchen showroom.

The Lustre

Look closely at all the kitchen sinks that are made from stainless steel. The best stainless steel kitchen sinks look brilliant. That lustre is due to the high content of nickel in the stainless steel. Nickel makes the material more durable. You should therefore pick the most brilliant stainless steel sink in the kitchen showroom.


As you may know, stainless steel is an alloy of steel, chromium and other metals, such as nickel. The proportion of other metals that are added to the steel affects its magnetic ability. For example, stainless steel with very small amounts of nickel will retain its magnetic abilities. It will therefore be easy for you to stick a magnet onto that sink. Perform the magnet test on several stainless steel sinks in the showroom and select the sink with the least magnetic ability. Such a sink will have a high quantity of nickel in it. As already stated, nickel makes the sink more capable of withstanding the heavy use that the sink will be subjected to once it is installed in your home kitchen.

The Thickness

You should also compare the different sinks in the kitchen showroom in terms of the thickness of the metal that was used to make the sinks. Stronger sinks will be made from thicker sheets of stainless steel. This thickness is normally indicated as a gauge. Thicker metals have a smaller gauge number than the gauge number of thinner metal products. For example, a sink from gauge 18 stainless steel is thicker than a sink made using gauge 22 stainless steel.

The Size

Stainless steel sinks, like all kitchen sinks, vary in terms of their physical dimensions. It is therefore imperative for you to get the measurements of the space where you want to install the sink so that you can narrow down your options to those sinks that can fit in the available space.

As you can see, having a systematic way to evaluate the different stainless steel sinks in a kitchen showroom can enable you to pick the best one for your home. Use the suggestions above to help you to make the right buying decision when you visit different kitchen showrooms.


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