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Transform Your Garden and Home

Three fun frugal ways to use your embroidery machine

Christy Rivera

An embroidery machine can be a fantastic tool in your frugal arsenal, but only if you get creative and make it work for you. Check out these three fun frugal ways to use your embroidery machine, and stitch yourself some serious savings!

Create beautiful personalised gifts for less

Gift giving can be a really expensive part of your household budget, especially once your extended family grows. If you're looking to cut costs on your birthday and Christmas bills without discounting the quality of your gifts, it's time to put your embroidery machine to work. A towel or bathrobe embroidered with the recipient's name is a special and useful gift for any age. Make it a spa gift set by throwing some lush soap, scented candle and loofah in with a personalised towel set. Monogrammed t-shirts and jumpers are a fail-safe and sophisticated gift. Create a thrifty, personalised baby gift by embroidering the baby's name and date of birth on a fleece blanket- this is an ideal christening gift too! Or think outside of the box and give your friend a personalised lunch bag, socks, apron, cushion or pencil case. Tailor your embroidered gifts to the gift receiver's interests and needs to ensure it's a cherished item for years to come.

Start a home business to boost your income

Machine embroidery is a sought-after service, and makes the ideal home business if you're looking to make a little extra income. Not only can you set your own hours, you'll have the flexibility to dictate your prices, spending, marketing, and even business expansion. Spend the time initially planning your business by investigating the local and online marketplaces to determine the viability of your business model. Consider your potential customers- will your target customers be seeking embroidered athletic or corporate apparel, celebratory items such as wedding or baby items, or even pet accessories and interior décor? Depending on your target market, purchase an embroidery machine that will allow you to create the perfect products, with up-to-date built-in software, compatibility with your desired embroidery formats and desired hardware, and ongoing customer support. Chat with your local experienced embroidery machine stockist for expert assistance in selecting the perfect machine for your home business venture!

Label everything to avoid loss or arguments

While most machine embroidery is decorative, you can take advantage of the organisational benefits of embroidery to keep your family's clothing and accessories safe and sorted. Embroidering your child's name on their sports equipment bag, school clothes or pencil case is an excellent, economical way to personalise their stuff, while safeguarding against loss, theft and arguments over who owns what. Get your kids on board by letting them choose their own font and embroidery thread colour- they can create their own personal brand, without blowing the budget.

For more information and advice on using your embroidery machine, or to upgrade to the latest model, chat with your local embroidery machine stockists today.


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