Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

Add Some Style and Function to Your Home With Custom Made Doors

Christy Rivera

When it comes to your home's interior, you may not give much thought to the doors you use for various entryways. However, custom made doors can add lots of style and personality, and may even be more functional than standard doors. Note a few suggestions for custom doors you might have made and installed in your home, and which can be much more functional and a lot more stylish than the doors you have currently.

Barn doors

The term "barn door" can refer to two different styles; one style is a door that is in two sections, one at the top and one at the bottom, so that these sections open separately. These can be a good choice for homes with babies and children, where you might want to keep the bottom section closed to prevent your child from getting into the kitchen, bathroom, or other such room. These doors can also be put over a flight of basement stairs, for the child's protection. Being able to open the top panel allows you to easily see between rooms and allows light to pass through that area so the home isn't as closed-in and dark, while keeping your children safe and secure.

French doors

French doors are two panels that open in the middle; this can offer a very grand look to an entryway. However, French doors can also be custom made to be very narrow, so that the door better fits a small space, since each panel will then be thinner and more able to fit into a crowded room or hallway. You can also have French doors custom made with matching glass panels on either side of the door, rather than a standard wall. These panels can open up the space between the living and dining rooms, or between the bedroom sitting and sleeping areas, while still offering some separation and noise insulation when the doors are closed.

Sliding paper screens

Sliding paper screens are popular in Asian design, and they offer separation between spaces where you want a small bit of privacy, but not necessary an actual door that closes. You might have a wall removed from the home office and replaced with sliding paper screens, so you have some privacy while working but without being completely separated from the family. These screens are also a good choice for a sunroom; you can close the screens when you want some protection from the sun, while still allowing that light to pass through the doors, making your home brighter and more welcoming overall.


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