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Installing a Shower Screen? Consider These Types of Glass

Christy Rivera

If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, one of the simplest ways to do this would be installing glass shower screens. This material has the propensity of injecting sophistication to your space, which would enhance the ambience while still providing you with privacy and preventing spills when you take your shower. Nevertheless, selecting glass shower screens is not merely about purchasing the first or the cheapest option you come across. Knowing the various types of glass available will aid in narrowing down your options to suit your needs and style. So what are some of the types of glass you can consider for your shower screen?

Annealed glass shower screens

This type of glass, commonly known as standard glass, is the ubiquitous option in the market when looking for glass shower screens. It is the most economical glass, making it perfect for homeowners who may need to install a shower screen but have a limited budget. Another of significant benefits of annealed glass is they create the illusion of space, particularly in smaller bathrooms, since they allow for maximum light penetration. Nonetheless, they do have a characteristic greenish tinge to them, so these shower screens will not provide you with absolute clarity. Moreover, annealed glass is not inherently strong, so you would have to take measures to reinforce the glass.

Low iron glass shower screens

If you would prefer your shower screen without the greenish hue of annealed glass, you may want to consider low iron glass. What some people may not be aware of is that the green hue that presents on the standard glass is caused by the levels of iron in the material. The higher the iron, the darker the green hue. Low iron glass, as the name implies, has these iron particles eliminated to enhance the clarity of the glass. The result is stunning glass shower screens that will add a sparkle to your bathroom. If the chosen colour scheme in your bathroom is quite vivid, for example, if you have made use of marble countertops or bold wall tiles, low iron glass shower screens would accentuate the crisp appearance of the space.

Acid-etched glass shower screens

If you are striving for visual interest in your bathroom when selecting glass shower screens, the acid-etched glass would be right up your alley. The surface of this type of glass is embellished in an assortment of designs. Additionally, acid-etched glass shower screens are translucent, so they increase the privacy of your shower without limiting the amount of light that filters into your shower enclosure. When opting for acid etched shower screens, you may want to consider customising your selection to add a bespoke touch to your bathroom.


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