Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

3 Ways To Dress Up New Blinds In Your Home

Christy Rivera

Blinds are a popular choice as window dressings for many Australian homeowners. They're practical, streamlined and provide excellent privacy and light control. If you like the practicality of blinds but find the minimalist look a little too stark for your tastes, then you'll be pleased to know that you can have blinds and still enjoy a more decorative look for your windows. Here are three easy ways you can dress up your blinds.

1. Choose patterned blinds

Blinds are most commonly made in neutral tones such as white, grey and black, if you'd like something with a bit more visual interest, then opting for patterned blinds is a great alternative. Many blind manufacturers also sell blinds that have striking floral, geometric or striped designs printed on them.

If you're after a more unique and individual look, you can also have your own design printed onto the blind fabric. This can be done via the manufacturer when you purchase your blinds or you can have them printed as an after-purchase addition by a specialised fabric printing company.

2. Go bold with coloured blinds

If you'd like to add a splash of colour to your room, then blinds in a single, bold colour make a great alternative to neutral coloured blinds. This is an excellent way to inject some pizzazz into a space while still embracing the clutter-free and simple look that makes blinds so popular.

If bold colours aren't your style, then you can still add colour by choosing a softer and more subdued hue. Contemporary shades of pale blue, dusty pink and ferny green create a subtle yet attractive contrast between your windows and the neutral colour of the walls.

3. Add decorative curtains

Adding some decorative curtains over the top of your blinds is a great way to add a soft and beautiful look to your windows while still enjoying the benefits of the blinds. Because the curtains won't need to be used for privacy or light blockage, you can opt for a light, sheer fabric that matches your home's decor.

For large windows, you don't even need to install curtains that cover the entire window span. Thin curtains that gather at the edge of the window frame will soften the starkness of the blinds and act like a decorative frame for the area. This is a great option if you like to change the look of your home regularly because it's inexpensive and doesn't require a lot of material.



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