Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

Qualities to look for when choosing a motion sensor light as part of your home security

Christy Rivera

There is nothing that is more effective in stopping a trespasser in their tracks than motion sensor lighting. The automated system ensures that anyone tiptoeing around your property at a time when they are not wanted is hit with a blinding light, which either scares them away or alerts of their presence so you can engage home security. When investing in these lights as part of your security system, you need to make sure that they are meeting the following quality standards.

Long range light reach

You will probably have to install a number of lights all around the compound. However, when you invest in lights whose light reaches a wide area, you will use fewer lights, which is economical. It is also good to go for the lights which give a 360degree beam of light because they will give maximum security to your entire compound. The range of light is indicated on the bulb, and in case you cannot interpret it properly, it would be best to ask an expert in the installation of the systems to help you get the one with the longest range.

Solar powered versus electric

The need to have energy saving lighting solutions within the home has increased a lot over the past few years. This means that even when investing in security sensor lights, you still need to think about how they will affect your energy bill. If you are looking for viable options, ensure that you opt for the solar powered systems. They will gather enough energy from the sunshine to be operational at night, and your electric bill will not be affected in the bid to have an extra layer of security in the home.

Ease of installation

Most people treat a motion sensor light installation as a DIY project. As such, you need to choose a system which has easy to follow instructions. For instance, when you choose a system which is solar powered, it means you have eliminated the need to hook it up to an electric system, which makes it easy to put in place.

All these are the qualities to look out for when picking a light. It is also recommended that you think about the brightness of the light your choice of system dissipates and how well it can handle environmental factors such as the wind, the rain and snow in the winter. A good motion sensor light will take your home closer to your dream haven.


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