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Transform Your Garden and Home

How to Select a Recliner Lounge if You Are Tall

Christy Rivera

Are you finding it hard to be comfortable in the recliner lounge in your home due to your considerable height? Read on and discover some essential tips which will enable you to find the right piece of furniture when you go shopping for replacements.

See the Weight Limit

Many furniture manufacturers design different kinds of furniture, such as recliner lounges, with the average person in mind. Such furniture can end up being uncomfortable for people who don't fit that description, such as users who are heavier or taller than the average user.

One way to find a recliner lounge which will be comfortable for you is by examining the weight limit provided for that particular piece of furniture. Suitable models will have weight limits which are higher than the limits given for the furniture which was designed for average-sized people. For example, the recliner lounge may have a weight limit of nearly 300 kilos while the one for average-sized people will be much less than that. Select the one with a higher weight limit.

Examine the Dimensions

It is also prudent for you to examine the actual dimensions of the recliner lounge so that you are certain that it will address your needs. For example, check the seat height and refrain from selecting anything which is short, such as less than 18-inches. The height of the back also deserves attention. Taller people tend to be more comfortable in recliner lounges which are taller than normal (more than 45-inches, for example). Double-check those dimensions and only purchase the recliner lounge once these figures check out. Don't just rely on what is written in the product literature.

Research the Brand

Finding a recliner lounge which is suitable for a person of your height or weight is one thing. It is another thing altogether to find furniture which will last with frequent use. This is where doing some research about the brand pays off. Perform an online search about what other users have shared about their experience with that particular brand of recliner lounge. Only make the payment once you are certain that the brand has a proven track record of longevity.

It helps if you visit several suppliers before deciding on a particular brand of recliner lounge. Visiting various suppliers will expose you to the different unique features that the different manufacturers have come up with in order to make their furniture better than what is provided by the competition. For more ideas about your options, click here for info.


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