Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

The Best Rooms to Update to Sell Your House Fast

Christy Rivera

Old-fashioned décor and rooms which have not been refurbished recently will put buyers off when they arrive for a viewing. Although they don't necessarily mean that your house will not sell—many buyers can see past a few superficial problems—you won't be able to achieve the best possible sales price for your property. As with any major asset, you must maintain it so that it operates in your financial interests. This is certainly true of your home. With limited time and resources before you put your home on the market, which rooms should you give the greatest focus to?


Your home's bathroom or bathrooms are a major selling point of the house. Not only is a bathroom a functional place where you wash and go to the toilet, but it is a sanctuary, as well. You should try to clear your bathroom of as much clutter as possible and consider updating the suite. A new bath, toilet and basin will be enough to make your bathroom appear like it has been completely made over. Use a grout-refreshing product on your tiles to help them too look as good as new. Treat any areas of mildew, and fit a brand-new extractor to make your bathroom as appealing as possible to would-be buyers.


The hub of any home, your kitchen may work for you, but is it what buyers will want? Consider the sort of buyer that will be attracted to your sort of home, and fit a new kitchen accordingly. New kitchens for professional couples are very different from what might be wanted by a young family, for example. Plan your new kitchen design in as simple a manner as possible. Opt for bright but plain tones which make the room seem airy. Leave your design with few details so that the new owner can easily make their mark on it with their own tastes. Old cabinets can be updated with a plain spray paint treatment and new handles, for example. If you fit new appliances to your kitchen to update it, then the oven is the most important one because it is at the centre of the room. 


You might think that the master bedroom or the living room are among the best places to make over, but consider your garage first. Many people use their garage as nothing more than a junk room. Clear yours out and show potential buyers how spacious it is. Imagine what it could be converted to when it is more presentable. Garages can be turned into game rooms, spare bedrooms, utility rooms and home offices with ease. Therefore, don't underestimate your garage's selling potential, and kit it out more like a conventional room than a storage base.


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