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Transform Your Garden and Home

3 Reasons You Need a Split System in Your Outdoor Office

Christy Rivera

Converting an outdoor garden shed into an office is a project many people take on. One of the aspects of the conversion deals with air conditioning and HVAC systems. You may lean to the idea of a window air conditioning unit for cooling off the area. There is another option that offers a variety of benefits for the smaller space. Here are three reasons you need a split system in your converted outdoor office.

Low Profile

The main reason you need a split system in your outdoor office is for the low profile design. If you use a window unit, you have a certain amount of the unit taking up space inside the area and the box portion outside of the window. Even with low profile window units, a certain amount will still take up space on both the outside and inside of the window area. A split system unit is very low profile and can be placed at the baseboard of the outdoor office, along the ceiling, or in another location that works for you and your home office set-up.

Quick Cooling

Outdoor sheds, even those that are converted to outdoor offices, have very little insulation. This small amount of insulation makes it easy for the space to get too hot or too cold quickly. If you are using a window unit or fan, it can take a long time to get the space cooled off and at a comfortable temperature. It can also be difficult to maintain that temperature. A split system is designed for small spaces like outdoor offices. With that in mind, the split systems can cool off an area quickly and can help to maintain that temperature easily throughout the day.

Smartphone Capable

One aspect of newer model split systems, that you may not consider, is the ability to connect them to your smartphone. Many of the split systems available on the market are smartphone capable. This means you can adjust the temperature from your home or while you are away. For example, if you are away from home and find out the temperature will be much hotter than you thought, you can adjust the control from your smartphone. This allows the room to stay cool and reduces the chances of items becoming damaged from heat exposure.

These are just three of the reasons you need a split system in your converted outdoor office space. If you are ready to install a split system air conditioner in your outdoor office space, contact your local HVAC dealer. They can help you find the right split system for your space and needs. They can also answer questions and help with installation issues.


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