Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

3 Paybacks Of Introducing Security Doors To Your Home

Christy Rivera

Security doors are often taken for granted, but you'll be surprised at how much value they can bring to the table – and often in the most unexpected ways. In Australia, there were 74,911 recorded offenders for theft in 2015-16. With burglary rates on the rise, you'll want to ensure that everyone is protected with improved security. While security cameras are a good deterrent, you can further fortify your home's safety with security doors. Here are some ways a security door pays back when installed in your home:

Brings Down The Cost Of Home Insurance

When you own a home, you will need to pay for home and contents insurance to protect the entire structure and most of your assets inside. By installing security doors, you may be able to negotiate a lower insurance premium because burglars will find it much tougher to get into your home and may bypass your property all together. Insurance companies see this as a lower risk to them and will be more open to bringing down the cost of your home and contents insurance. Alarm or CCTV systems along with security doors will likely further lower insurance rates for your home and contents.

Enhances Selling Value For Your Property

When it comes to selling a property, buyers are always looking for increased security so they don't have to invest on their own. By installing security doors, you will already add that extra layer of protection – allowing you to negotiate a better selling price with homebuyers. The best part is that security doors have a multitude of colours and designs, so they also add aesthetic value, apart from increasing security. Security doors are a selling point for any property, so you will more than likely be able to command a higher price.

Brings Down Your Energy Consumption And Electricity Bills

Since an average of 40 percent energy is consumed for heating and cooling a home in Australia, you'll naturally want to find ways to bring down your costs. Security doors can help because they allow you to keep your front or back door open to bring in ample airflow, while preventing insects and burglars from getting in. Security doors allow air to flow through your entire house without compromising on safety. With proper airflow inside, you don't have to run your air conditioner as long – bringing down your electricity costs in the process.

Security doors bring a lot of paybacks, so it's worth considering them for your property.


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