Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

Modern Designs You Can Select When Installing New Shutters or Blinds

Christy Rivera

With more and more homeowners switching out their curtains and drapes for shutters and blinds, there has been a spike in the possibilities available to you when deliberating on window dressings. Different styles and designs have made shutters the go-to window treatment for individuals looking to modernise their interior décor. However, when it comes to selecting shutters and blinds, you can be stumped as to what will work best for both your current aesthetic as well as your individual preferences regarding privacy. This piece looks at the top designs you could consider when installing new shutters and blinds in your home.

Matchstick shutters

If your residence's prevailing theme is boho-chic, then you need quirky yet attractive treatments to tie in the overall design. Pairing rustic furniture and eclectic furniture options with regular drapery can cause your décor choices to appear conflicted. So if you want to perpetuate the bohemian appeal of your home, matchstick shutters will be the most suitable choice. These types of shutters are characterised by thin, rounded slats of wood that look similar to elongate sticks. They are typically made from bamboo so you can be assured that they are a sustainable option for your home. The matchstick shutters have an uncanny way of completing coastal dwellings as they add an easy-going ambience to the space.

Plantation shutters

Homeowners with a minimalist decorative theme in their home will probably be looking for window treatments that will add sleek lines to their home. Plantation shutters might be one of the more conventional window dressings that you could choose, but this does not detract from their clean and utilitarian appearance. Plantain shutters remain relevant to this day, as they are exquisitely functional yet attractive too. When you install plantation shutters, you have complete control over the degree of illumination that you want in your space. In addition to this, the flexible design of the plantation shutters makes them suited to any décor choices that you make. Thus, in the event you want to switch up the theme for your home, the shutters will blend in seamlessly with your new design scheme.

Panel blinds

Another contemporary window treatment design that you could consider for your home is panel blinds made of sheer fabric. The sheer fabric is particularly beneficial for homeowners living in extremely hot parts of Australia as they will block out direct sunlight but still allow for significant natural illumination. Therefore, you get the chance to keep your blinds drawn without having to compromise on lighting while simultaneously eliminating glare. Though commonly available in classic white, you can also play with other pastels such as beige or grey, depending on your preference.


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