Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

Handy Barbecue Gadgets For Taking to the Beach

Christy Rivera

There are few better things to do in the Australian summer than holding a cookout by the sea. Packing up all of your barbecue tools with you and transporting them with you in the back of the car, on the other hand, is nothing short of a headache. As well as your cooking utensils, you'll want to take a form of shelter, some chairs and the rest of the family, of course. When space is at a premium, having handy collapsible cooking products are incredibly useful. Read on to discover the sort of things that top catering product manufacturers produce these days.

  • Squashable Food Containers

Among the many collapsible storage products on the market today, self-retracting food storage containers are the best for al fresco barbecues. These fold into themselves neatly when they are empty and remain rigid when you push them outwards to create storage for things like salads. Most come with a conventional lid which creates a tight seal. The advantage of them is that they don't take up much cupboard space at home when they aren't in use. Nor will they in your car's boot when you transport them back-and-forth to the beach.

  • Tent Covers

A collapsible food tent cover takes up virtually no space when it is folded up. These come with four arms which are made of either metal or plastic. Between the arms, each tent has a gauze-like material which allows air to flow freely beneath. This means your food is fully protected from any insects that might take an interest in it while you get the barbecue lit. Once you don't need it, a collapsible tent cover will fit into your pocket.

  • Collapsible Funnels

A funnel is an incredibly useful tool for creating barbecue marinades or for making your own salad dressings. Conventional food funnels don't pack away neatly, but collapsible ones have ridges in them which concertina into one another so that they lie flat when they have been folded up. They are the very thing for barbecue lovers and make really great gifts.

  • Fold-Up Kettles

With a heat-resistant base, fold up kettles were originally developed for the camping market. They are equally useful for barbecues when you want some hot water for a tea or coffee – or, maybe, for washing up. Many have a firm handle which you can fold down flat along with the body of the kettle which squashes into itself.

Have a look at the collapsible cooking tools now available and make your next barbecue go with a swing!


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