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Transform Your Garden and Home

Why You Should Use Retractable Flyscreens

Christy Rivera

Retractable flyscreens use a meshed material which prevents insects from entering your property. They can be attached to doors and window frames and they can be retracted into these structures when they are not being used. There are a variety of flyscreens available, including uPVC flyscreens. Retractable flyscreens offer a number of benefits for any property.

Preventing the entry of insects

Retractable flyscreens can prevent the entry of insects such as mosquitos, flies, cockroaches and termites. Some insects can carry diseases into your property, so by using a retractable flyscreen, you can also block the entry of potential health risks.


Retractable flyscreens are available in various colours, sizes, styles and materials. Materials that can be used include polyester, aluminium and uPVC. Retractable flyscreens can be added to different styles of doors and window frames. If they do not fit your existing structure, they can be custom-made to fit. They can also feature a decorative pattern.


Retractable flyscreens are typically very high quality and can, therefore, last a long time. This is because they are made from durable materials and they are easy to clean.

Natural light

Flyscreens can allow a greater degree of natural light to enter than if you were keeping your doors and windows closed. This is because flyscreens have a degree of transparency which allows for some natural light to enter the room.


There are retractable flyscreens that can also provide your property with added security. These security-focused flyscreens are made using a stronger material, which can be difficult for human intruders to break.  


Retractable flyscreens can also offer a level of privacy. For example, if the flyscreen is made from a black mesh, it is more difficult for someone to see inside your property. These flyscreens also allow for you to see outside unhindered.

Energy consumption

Flyscreens allow a flow of air to circulate through your property. This can help to keep your home cooler during warmer periods, which reduces the need for air conditioning systems. Air conditioning systems can be expensive to run, so by using flyscreens throughout your home, you can also reduce your energy bills.

UV protection

Flyscreens can also block UV rays from entering your property. This prevents UV rays from fading floors and furniture, reduces the temperature of your home during the warmer months and provides you with protection from UV rays.

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