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Transform Your Garden and Home

Why Choose Roman Blinds For Your Windows?

Christy Rivera

There are, of course, numerous window treatments you could opt for in your home. Curtains remain the most popular type of window treatment in many parts of the world, including Australia, but there are also Venetian and roller blinds to consider, not to mention shutters. However, the traditional look of Roman blinds should not be overlooked, either. Although this sort of window treatment has old origins, it certainly looks great in modern windows. What benefits can you expect of them?

Flexible Light Control

Roman blinds offer a good degree of light control. This can be especially important if you have a north-facing room with a large window. When the blind is in its uppermost position, it will allow the maximum amount of light in but you can also drop them part-way down. Since most light flowing through a window comes at the uppermost part of the window, being able to raise and lower your blinds vertically helps to fine-tune the ambience in the room given the amount of sunshine outside. If you compare this to curtains, for example, then the degree of control is much better and more flexible.

Greater Thermal Insulation

It depends on the exact fabric you opt for, but most Roman blinds will provide excellent levels of thermal insulation. If you compare them to aluminium-slatted Venetian blinds, for instance, then they are much better at blocking heat transference. Bear in that this occurs in two directions, not just one. In other words, you will feel cosier in the winter when they are dropped, and they will block out much of the sun's heat energy in the summer, thereby potentially lowering your air-conditioning running costs.

A Softer Look

Because they are made of fabric, Roman blinds look great in rooms with soft furnishings. In this regard, they are much like the sort of curtains you might have in a lounge or a bedroom. However, they can be made to measure which means they are especially effective when it comes to smaller windows. Very often, small windows will look completely overwhelmed if they are fitted with a pair of curtains. On the other hand, Roman blinds will look excellent if they are used to cover up a window of a smaller scale. In this sense, they are the ideal thing to soften the décor of a room with several windows and multiple aspects.

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