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Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger During a Remodel

Christy Rivera

It's hard to relax in a bathroom that feels crowded and cramped. However, regardless of the actual proportions of your area, you can renovate it to give a sense of space and comfort. Here are several tips you could implement during a bathroom remodelling project.  


A vanity countertop covered with cosmetics, brushes and hairdryers is bound to look cluttered. This impression is the last thing you should aim for when making a bathroom look larger. Instead, strive for clean lines and uncluttered surfaces.   

To achieve this, you need enough storage. Drawers are typically more space-efficient than cupboards, as you can install drawers of various depths to hold different-sized items. Deep drawers can hold towels, and shallow ones can contain cosmetics. This storage setup minimises the dead space in a traditional cupboard above where the items are stored.  

Additionally, to preserve precious bathroom space while increasing storage, you could fit a recessed shaving cabinet with a mirror door. Additionally, avoid the clutter of a shower caddy by building a recessed shelf to hold shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. If you want to generate clean lines, don't install open shelves. They can increase clutter as whatever is being stored is open to view.  

Colour Palette  

Opt for a palette of light colours in a similar tone to create an open and airy bathroom. You could layer white on white for the floor, walls, and countertop. Or blend pale greys, blues, and pinks of a similar shade. The pale surfaces will reflect light around the bathroom, making it seem bigger. Also, using all light tones will avoid jarring contrasts that will interrupt the sense of flow around the room.  

Sleek Design  

Another crucial element when generating a sense of space is the style of the components. Simple lines free of ornate details will help minimise design clutter. For example, install flat doors and drawers on the vanity with a simple handle or a recessed groove along the top. Similarly, don't install ornately-curved and contoured tapware. Sometimes straight lines can look cleaner than curves, so you could install a plain rectangle basin on the vanity. However, you need to take the bathroom's overall design into account.  


While a shower is usually a necessity in a bathroom, a bathtub may not be. You may want a bath, but do you need one? You could compromise and install a narrow, deep bath, perfect for lounging in. Another possibility is a compact corner bath. Alternatively, you could fit a bath/shower combo. If you want to save space, though, you may consider getting rid of the tub altogether.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a bathroom remodelling service near you.


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