Transform Your Garden and Home

Transform Your Garden and Home

  • Two tips for those thinking about buying shade sails for their lawns

    If you would like to stay in the shade whilst picnicking, sunbathing and exercising on your lawn, then you should erect a shade sail over it. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when making this purchase. Get one large shade sail instead of multiple small ones Sometimes, homeowners who need shade sails for their lawns will buy several small ones rather than one large one. They often do this for aesthetic reasons; for example, they might like the way two or three shade sails in complementary colours look when placed beside each other or they might love the pretty pattern of sunlight that is formed on their lawn by the gaps between the shade sails.

  • Reasons To Consider Hardwood Flooring For Your New Home

    Because the flooring covers such a large room area, whatever material you cover it with, will impact the overall design. Hardwood planks are one possibility — consider the following reasons to select this as your flooring option. Warm Ambience   In a home, the flooring needs to provide a sense of warmth and comfort so that you relax and unwind in a calming environment. No other material evokes the same natural warmth as timber.

  • 3 Reasons You May Opt to Install a Solar Carport Instead of a Garage

    Carports have gained immense popularity in the photovoltaic market because of their versatility, and many people have embraced them today. If you have limited shading or parking lot in your property, installing a solar port can be a brilliant idea. Solar carports don't just help create parking space, but they also help conserve energy in a big way. However, how you design the solar carport determines how efficient it will be.

  • Budget-Friendly Exterior Shutters

    With a cost of living that seems to be constantly on the increase, shoppers are increasingly being forced to find innovative ways to save on the cost of various consumer goods. If you are in the market for exterior window shutters, here are some money-saving ideas that you should have in mind. Choose Materials That Are Available Locally The type of material used to make exterior shutters is often the greatest factor that determines the pricing of this external window treatment option.

  • Selecting The Material For Your Kitchen Benchtop

    Benchtops are a highly visible element in a kitchen, covering a vast amount of area. So when renovating, you need to choose a material that flatters the space. But the surface also needs to be practical and able to cope with everyday cooking. Sourcing your counter from a kitchen wholesale outlet will lessen costs and provide you with more options. Here are some tips on three materials for kitchen benchtops.

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